Environmental Policy


At Clean Society we are fully aware of our responsibilities to the environment and make every effort to fall into line or exceed current legislation.


As well as including environmental awareness as part of all our employees’ training, we make improvements in our performance at every opportunity.


A full copy of Clean Society’s health and safety policy statement are given to all staff and will be available for clients’ records.

The Director of Clean Society holds overall responsibility for health and safety and will ensure that:

National Britannia provides information and advice to Clean Society on health and safety issues via its information service Responseline. A copy of our Accreditation Certificate is available upon request.

A full and detailed copy of our health and safety rules and regulations is freely available to all clients upon request and includes information regarding:

Rest assured that the safety of members of the public and client employees is a priority, and necessary precautions and protection are vigilantly implemented.


All of the equipment that may be used on your premises has been tried and tested over the years by Clean Society to ensure high levels of service and reliability. Any repairs, large or small, will be carried out by qualified service technicians off premises. We service all of our equipment regularly and conform with the Electricity at Work regulations. It may be necessary to leave some equipment on your premises, but this will be agreed and included in your contract.

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