Infection Control Services

Coronavirus Professional Disinfection Service

Protect your Indoor Environment from the COVID-19 Coronavirus

If you suspect that your business premises, your customers or any of your staff may be at risk from infection from the Coronavirus, email us today or if you need a preventative de-contamination clean



Full Clean Society Cleaning Specification provided to show you we are professional cleaners that specialise in this type of cleaning

Clean Society has the expertise to carry out coronavirus infection control on your premises

  • Reduce the risk of surface cross-contamination
  • Cleaner, safer and remains anti-microbial even with repeated cleaning

Mission-Critical Disinfection Cleaning for Contamination Control

Surface contamination has been implicated in the transmission of Coronavirus, and surface disinfection can be an effective measure to interrupt the spread of these viruses from cross contamination.

Viral Outbreak Disinfection Service

Disinfect using specialist service as a rapid-acting broad spectrum sporicidal disinfectant, highly effective against influenza / Coronavirus

If confirmed virus report, the areas affected need to remain closed off until our Cleaning Manager has contacted the store to arrange the visit. If set on an ongoing service, we would do this out of hours with key access

The chemicals we use kill 99.99% of bacteria, and our cleaning supplier has confirmed this chemical is strong enough to eliminate the virus, this is a hospital-grade disinfectant that purports to kill everything from MRSA to H1N1 flu (including E.Coli, Coronavirus, Rotavirus & RSV) because it can attach to any surface, whereas common cleaning chemicals such as bleach are not able to do this. We utilise our fogging system to safely get to places that cannot be reached by hand

Main Cleaning Areas

  • High traffic Public areas
  • All surfaces and objects which are visibly contaminated with body fluids

Touch Point Cleaning

All potentially contaminated high-contact areas such

  • Desktops and work surfaces
  • Doorknobs and handles?
  • Light switches
  • Computer keyboards (depending on volume there may need to be a charge per item)
  • Telephone handsets and headsets (depending on volume there may need to be a charge per item)
  • Office and reception chairs (this is not a upholstery deep clean, if needed we can provide this service separately)
  • Canteen dining furniture
  • Sinks and kitchens (this is not Kitchen Deep Clean, if needed we can provide this service separately)
  • Toilets
  • Vending machines
  • Lifts and escalators (possibly not fogging, but disinfection, depending on the lift)

Why Choose fogging?

  • Fogging is the most effective / quickest solution to disinfect / sanitise areas, whilst causing the least amount of disruption to a business
  • Fogging has immediate results and once fogged kills any pathogens
  • Fogging method allows us to get to all areas pathogens have attached themselves to. Thus minimises the need to move items out of the way

Benefits of fogging

  • Reduces the risk of an outbreak of infectious diseases
  • Decontaminates buildings in the event of viral and bacterial outbreaks
  • Reduces the need for staff absences
  • Bleach Free / Alcohol Free
  • Fogging is the best way to sanitise /deep clean, minimising the risk of further illness / destroying germs.

How does it work?

  • Fogging immobilised bacteria irreversibly, viruses both surface & airborne, stopping the process for them to replicate.
  • Sanitising / Disinfecting the atmosphere, furnishings and surfaces, allows a safe and decontaminated environment

If not already put into practice by our customers, we would recommend the following:

  • Display posters Promoting the public wash their hands with anti bac soap regularly, for at least 20 seconds
  • Display posters promoting respiratory hygiene
  • Encourage employees to wash their hands regularly and stay at least one meter away from people who are coughing or sneezing


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